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Skylink Nova provides affordable local SEO services for any type of business. Local SEO optimization of a website will improve your ranking in your business area. Although the overall works are the same for global SEO and local SEO for small businesses, we need to add things prioritizing the local keyword and concept. It requires Google business listing, Map pack optimization to complete the regional SEO strategy.

Google Business Listing

Listing your business in google is the central part of local SEO, where you need to put every detail about your business. Complete your profile on google with accurate data and verify your business. Ensure NAP citations, pictures, categories, and reviews, to find easily on google. Our local SEO packages will help you professionally to complete your profile.

NAP Citation

Like backlinks, NAP citations are super hard to build. It reflects your key business information like name, address, and phone number. It appears on different platforms like business directories, social networks, and anywhere on the web.

Online Reviews

To get a higher rank, you need to build trust with Google. It will be possible with the best reviews about your business or services. This will also help you to gain local customers’ attention.

Local SEO Keyword

Keywords are your weapons to get a better rank on google. It should be optimized by targeting the usages and places you want to use them. Determining a perfect keyword is the most crucial part. Here need a lot of research to select a keyword among numerous suggestions finally.

Service Based Keyword

Service-based keywords refer to the product or service you provide to customers.

Search Volume

Keyword search volume means how often people search for the keyword in a time frame.

Local Intent

It refers to the searcher’s interest in a specific location of any product or service.

Map Pack

Google map pack refers to the position of search results on Google Maps.


Organic Traffic - Increase


Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

Map Pack Ranking Factorsicon

Map Pack Ranking Factors

The Google SERP feature shows the top local businesses in the map list. After completing all processes and giving all information to Google business, you can see your business on Google Maps. Your verified Google business account needs some technical work to get a higher rank on Google Maps.

Local SEO Content

Local SEO content is based on the local searcher’s needs. The website’s text, images, and video content are based on local conditions. To rank better in your local area, your site needs to optimize according to local requirements, including keywords, meta tags, alt tags, and everything.

On-Site SEO

On-page SEO works are the same for global or local SEO. Keep in mind the local terms, keywords, and search intent while doing on-page SEO for a local website. Around 34% of local SEO experts think on-site SEO is the most essential factor for doing local SEO.

Mobile Optimization

Depending on the extensive mobile browsing behavior, every website needs to be optimized for mobile. You will probably retain mobile customers if your site is mobile-optimized for local businesses. And most of your local customers intend to find you locally on the map through a mobile. So that you can understand the importance of it.
Listing In Local Directoriesicon

Listing In Local Directories

List your business in local directories and other platforms to be easily findable. This will help your ranking on google Maps with other platforms also. Our best local SEO services will help you with every process to develop your ranking.

The difference between local SEO and global SEO

The main difference is as they are. Global SEO is targeted at more extensive areas and optimized globally, and local SEO is for locally where the target is geographically settled. Both are targeted to increase visibility in search results, but both have advantages and disadvantages. Local SEO focuses on finding the physical location of any business, whereas global SEO helps to find business online. Their keyword strategy is also different from one another. The whole keyword research process goes in different strategies. Some technical tasks are the same, but local SEO optimizations have some different actions to complete.

Why choose us for your local business SEO

Whether you need local or global SEO, our experts are skilled in doing this. We can quickly figure out problems and find solutions to rank higher. Our optimization skills are experienced enough to drag you to the top business list. If you have any issues with GMB, listing your business, or anything else, we are available 24/7 to provide a consultancy and solution.

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